New Construction Inspections: Worth the Money?

A new home seems perfect at first glance, but a new construction inspection allows us to peek behind the curtain.


As a home inspector in North Carolina, with nearly a decade of experience in the Winston-Salem and Charlotte areas, I’m often asked, 

“This is a new build, do I really need an inspection?”

Look at what I find at new construction inspections, and you answer that question.


Here’s a glimpse into some of the problems I’ve encountered during new construction inspections, ranging from inconvenient to horrific:


Improper grading Leads to water pooling, which is usually just a convenience issue, unless it decides to flow/pool towards the home, causing foundation problems, not to mention perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos.

But maybe you wanted a marsh in the backyard.

Unfinished drywall (missing mud, caulk, or some unfinished sanding) in the master bathroom, closet, and stairwell. These are cosmetic issues but not something I want to spend my weekends doing after paying for a new home.

new construction inspection drywall

Loose Railings: Someone forgot to put a couple of screws in the railing, and now, when your mother-in-law comes to visit, she doesn’t have a sturdy place to grab on her way down the stairs.

new construction inspection railing

Missing window screens: I think you understand how those work.

Missing Cabinet hardware: It is the first day in your new place and you’re trying to put your toiletries under the sink and can’t find a place to grab the door.

new construction cabinet

Now the Big Leagues. 


Termite Infestations: Even though new constructions are supposed to be pre-treated, I have inspected multiple new construction houses that have had termite issues, those bugs weren’t wasting any time getting to that tasty pine from lowes.

Blocked HVAC vents: Apparently the HVAC and the drywall contractors weren’t happy with each other because the main vent in the second floor was covered with sheetrock.

Missing wiring: and now the stove doesn’t work; hopefully, you weren’t planning to move in and then make a big meal because the oven would have taken a long time to preheat.




While a builder conducts their own inspections throughout the construction process, an independent inspection offers a fresh perspective and prioritizes your interests as the homeowner. An experienced inspector can identify potential problems, ensuring you receive a home that is beautiful, safe, and functional.


So what do you think, are new construction inspections worth it?


Also, did you know you can inspect various phases of new construction? Check out this article for more information.


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